The Gang

Ariel Schlein
President & Co-Founder

Ariel Schlein is spearheading the vision behind Dutch’s Spirits. A chronic underachiever, he spent much of his youth avoiding classrooms, structure, and authority. Raised and schooled in Westchester County, NY, he would often be seen at various pool halls, pizza parlors, and the occasional comic book store. It was only after being “invited to leave” his high school after sophomore year that he discovered the greenery of upstate New York and Connecticut where he attended boarding school. Having served a two year stint there, he made his way out the Windy City where he met his future partner in crime, Alex Adams. Not one to be kept on ice, he made tracks to the nation’s capital before fleeing back to the Big Apple in early 2000.

Joining the family business, over the next decade he worked his way up the ranks of the Wall Street numbers racket where he proved himself to be decent earner. He seemed to have wised up during those years - even got himself hitched. But 2008 was a rough year…and after a particularly brutal day on the Street, he met his old pal Alex Adams at the Carnegie Club in midtown for more than a few drinks. It was there…through the blue haze of cigar smoke and beneath the din of jazz drowned conversations…that they hatched a plan. It was a risky job...lots of moving parts, no crew to speak of, and no roadmaps. But if they pulled it off right, the job would be their last. And the rest…is history.

Alex Adams

Alex Adams was born and raised in Poughkeepsie, New York, a short drive from Pine Plains where his family farm – Harvest Homestead Farm – has lain for eighty years. His father, a prominent local land use attorney, was raised near the farm alongside four siblings, two of whom  currently call the town home. Alex’s grandfather worked the land as a young “potato harvester” when the original distillery was in production. Currently the Vice President for a Manhattan-based real-estate development firm, Alex tries to escape to a lake cottage in Pine Plains as often as possible during the summer..

Mackenzie Langsten
Director of Operations

Back in her homeland of the Live Free or Die state, people call her Kenzie, Kiddo, Mack, and Mouse in the House, but to us, she's The Kid.  Don't let that name fool you though! She means business when it comes to selling 'shine.

A recent graduate from the University of New Hampshire with a BA in Psychology, Mackenzie is definitely a people person in ways that just can't be learned. Her previous work experience has taught her invaluable lessons about hard-work, resourcefulness, reliability, and seizing an opportunity-- all the characteristics needed to make a great operator. When she's not slinging 'shine, you can often find her
taking a drive in her Jeep and blasting country music. It's all about life's simple pleasures after all.

Jake Pinto
Sales Manager

Jake joined the Dutch's sales team last August and has been as enthusiastic a 'shine salesman if ever there was. He doesn't bat an eye at long days of driving across state lines and visiting accounts (it helps when they're young after all).  A graduate from SUNY New Paltz, Jake's studies in Marketing has definitely come in handy with our creative team and in honing his killer sales skills.  His combination of dashing good looks and unique sense of humor also doesn't hurt...Moonshine anyone?

Henry Staats
Director of Production

Henry started working at Dutch’s Spirits in December 2013 as our very first Production Assistant. Whether he's batching cocktail bitters, assembling DIY kits, or running inventory, Henry is a production dream. When he's not playing with botanicals or weighing packages, Henry can be found on stage with The Castaway Players Theater Company. In 2005 Henry’s two best friends co-founded this theater company at the ages of 15 and 17. He has now worked with “Castaway” since 2007 and currently serves as their Technical Director and Scenic Designer. Visit to find out what production you can catch him in next. An avid instrumentalist (guitar, bass,drums) and vocalist in his spare time, you can always find him tapping his feet while working.

Anthony Dangelo
Production Assistant

Styles is back. Anthony was raised right here in Pine Plains where his passion of wine, spirits and hospitality began. He spent many of his years scoping out the best of the Hudson valley, everything from hiking countless trails to finding some of the most underrated bars and restaurants in the area. He finally became a bartender himself working in the city after graduating from the New York Bartending School. But living in the country he also needed a weekly job. With a new distillery opening in Pine Plains he couldn’t resist. Bartending wasn’t enough either. He needed to see what went on behind the scenes of the products he became so familiar with as a bartender. From the start he knew this was the place for him. His favorite part of Dutchs Spirits is his co-workers where everyone works as a team. In his free time, there’s nothing more Anthony enjoys besides kicking it back with friends and family.