Dutch's DIY Tonic Kit

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Dutch's DIY Tonic Kit

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Gin and tonics never tasted so good as when using your very own homemade tonic water. The DIY Tonic Kit produces 16 oz. of tonic syrup, plenty enough for your G&T party.  Only one tablespoon of your tonic syrup is needed per cocktail. 

Developed exclusively for Williams-Sonoma, our DIY Tonic Kit includes only all natural ingredients. Peruvian Cinchona Bark powder, the original source for natural tonic syrups, is blended with other botanicals such as lemongrass, allspice and citrus spices to help create a more flavorful refined tonic. All you need to add is sugar and club soda!

With our combined offer, you can also grab a 4 oz. bottle of ProhiBitters to complete your gin and tonic dreams. Predominant citrus notes blend with licorice, hibiscus, ginger root and coriander perfectly suited for gin cocktails. Bottled in amber brown Boston round bottles with glass droppers.  60% ABV.

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