Dutch's Mini Keg & Air Tapper Combos

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mini-keg-w-airtapper (1).jpg

Dutch's Mini Keg & Air Tapper Combos

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The Dutch’s Mini Keg is the perfect dispenser for parties, picnics, BBQs, family gatherings, camping and just about any occasion.  Fill it with your favorite pre-batched cocktail, beer, juice or beverage of choice and sit back and enjoy.  When filled, this 5L keg can dispense 20-30 drinks, depending on your appetite!  Each keg comes with:

  • Built-in gravity tap for easy dispensing,
  • Rubber funnel for easy filling,
  • Bung seal for spill-free travels,
  • Bottle Bright sanitizing tablet,
  • Classic Dutch's Sugar Wash Moonshine kegged cocktail recipes

The CO2 and Air Tappers are great accessories to the Dutch’s 5L Mini Keg. Want to put your keg in a cooler of ice or a backpack?  No problem!  With these tapping units, you can easily dispense drinks from the top of your keg rather than from the bottom. 

Using CO2 capsules, the CO2 Tapper quickly dispenses your beverage out of its stainless steel spout with just a push of the lever.   Each CO2 Tapper comes with 4 CO2 capsules, enough to last 3-4 fills of your mini-keg.

With the Air Tapper, simply press down on the pump 3-4 times before dispensing your drink. 

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