FAQ About Tours

What days/times are you open? Weekends Jan-March 12-5pm or by appoinment

When are tours given? 1:00, 2:30 & 4:00PM on Sat-Sun, 15-20 minute tours (FREE OF CHARGE)

Is it handicap accessible? Yes! 

Tour historic prohibition era bunkers and see portions of tunnels established by famous mobster, bootlegger Dutch Schultz. See the historic site where Dutch Schultz was raided during the prohibition. Dutch Schultz was a major player during prohibition, his story was made into a movie, Billy Bathgate, and portrayed in Cotton Club and Boardwalk Empire. The fact that the entire bootlegging operation was underground was very unique. The first two times the FBI came to the site in 1932 they couldn't find the distilling operation. The third time, they discovered the operation via a tunnel entrance. Only two men were captured while the rest of the workers escaped through miles of tunnels. When the FBI shut it down, they found three stills, 15000 gallons of mash and 10,000 pounds of sugar. The site was brought back to life by a new 13,000 square foot barn, built over the entrance to one of the tunnels.